Natural relief for sensitive skin soothing concentrate Xera Calm Perfumes and cosmetics


We would like to always remember these happy moments. Yes, every age and every moment in life can be sweet. But how can you lead a quiet life when itchy skin sleeps at night? Where is the joy of being the first to answer in class when the elbows begin to itch, which immediately takes away the urge to be active? Where is the place for an unforgettable joy of motherhood when your child’s cheeks or hands are so irritated that they make him cry?
A formula developed to immediately relieve an intense and localized itching sensation, a soothing concentrate Xera Calm A.D. is the care of S.O.S. to be used alongside daily moisturizing care and hygiene with Xera Calm emollients. A.D.
How does the soothing Xera Calm concentrate work?
1. DOUBLE CONCENTRATED I-MODULIA®, i.e. the first biotechnological active ingredient derived from Avène thermal water. I-modulia® effectively soothes itching and skin irritation. The formula guarantees zero preservatives, containing only ingredients beneficial to the skin. It provides optimal safety because it respects the skin and its microbiome.
2. REGENERATING AND PROTECTIVE COMPLEX – enriched with a high concentration of vegetable oils and the CER-OMEGA complex, lipids similar to those found in the skin, S.O.S concentrate reduces exacerbations of intense and persistent dryness. The barrier function of the skin is restored, which reduces the penetration of foreign factors into it and prevents dehydration of the skin.

3. AVÈNE THERMAL WATER – soothes, relieves irritation, softens the skin. It has a unique gift: it soothes and restores comfort to even the most sensitive and intolerant skin.

Immediate anti-scratching effect
Xera Calm A.D. Soothing concentrate is a S.O.S product that will quickly become an irreplaceable element in the daily care of dry, atopic, prone to itch skin. It provides fast action in areas exposed to persistent scratching, affecting both the feeling of intense, locally located itching, as well as exacerbations and relapses of dryness. Use it whenever you want to quickly feel relief and be able to enjoy life again.
photo: Press materials

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